Top 10 tips for executive job search

Top 10 tips for executive job search

Most of the people who are sitting in a C-level role or a senior manager position have probably been there for at least 5-6 years and are rarely bothered to think about changing their job and applying for a new one. However, there does come a time for everyone when it becomes a necessity and the reason for that can be one of many. Some may want to pursue a substantially better position that they find themselves qualified for or some just don’t find job security in their current position. Whatever your reason may be for finding a new job, there are a few things that you must do to make a smooth and successful transition.

Identify your interest

Find out what organization you will be the best fit for and whether you will find what you are looking for by working with them. Until you are sure about an organization completely, don’t even think about sending an application.

Know your audience

Do thorough research on the company you are applying for before preparing your resume. This will help you to identify what skills you need to highlight more in order to improve your chances of landing the job they are offering.

Determine your personal brand

Think of the areas of expertise you have, the skills that you possess, the values that drive you and the passion you have for that particular type of work. Determine in your mind why hiring you would prove to be a beneficial decision for their organization.

Pen your marketing content

Once you know what you can offer to the organization, create content that reflects those skills and values everywhere. This includes your resume, your LinkedIn profile your cover letter and any other social media account that you may be accessible through.

Actively participate in online forums

Everyone is identifying themselves using the internet nowadays and utilizing that to your benefit is only common sense. Having a wide online footprint will definitely result in more recognition for you in your career as well.

Be social media savvy

Embracing social media platform for communicating with potential employers and fellow professionals is considered to be a big strength nowadays and shows the diversity and the ability to stay on top of every situation.

Find ways to circumvent typical routes

While going through the standard hiring process can be a painstakingly long and unfruitful experience, you can always find a way to get around those hurdles by communicating directly with decision makers. Find online profiles of such people on LinkedIn and build a rapport with them. This can often increase your chances of getting hired substantially.

Befriend recruiters

A lot of companies use professional recruiters for filling executive level vacancies and it is very beneficial if you have a good communication channel setup with a number of different head hunters.

Practice makes perfect

Interviews can be a very intimidating part of getting hired and being properly prepared is extremely important. Make sure you hone your ability to sell yourself as often as possible.

Keep an eye on yourself

Last but not least, Google yourself once in a while to see what kind of reputation you have in online circles. Protecting your online reputation is very important and should be taken care of regularly.

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