Top 10 IT job posting sites

Top 10 IT job posting sites

This website is a dedicated portal for IT professionals looking for jobs. The employer login provides you with a decent set of posting options and with the site having frequent traffic from IT professionals looking for jobs, you are bound to find a lot of good resumes.

This is a portal that you simply cannot overlook. With traffic in multi millions every month and the option to post jobs for free, you will definitely be able to generate a lot of good responses against your IT related job posts. The site does recommend getting a sponsorship for your ad to improve response which you can get for a mere $5.


This is a site that requires no introduction. Being the biggest network of professionals connected together in the entire world, LinkedIn is a great place to post your IT jobs. It is very easy to get IT resumes as there are countless forums dedicated to every possible sub-category in IT. You can also stretch it further by using their dedicated job posting service for a fee.


This is another great job portal that provides you the opportunity to post your jobs for free. The IT section of this portal is said to have a very solid viewing and given that it costs absolutely nothing to post a job, it is definitely worth trying.


This is also a great site for posting IT jobs. The traffic is quite good and you get a decent amount of response for every post. The site is also quite well reputed as it allows potential employees to take an in-depth look at their potential employers. This ensures great cultural matches as well.

Careers 2.0

This portal is a part of the famous IT and programming portal Stack Overflow and not only does it provide a great platform of useful information for programmers, it is the ideal place for you if you are looking for people related to this particular segment of IT.

IEEE Job Site

We are all familiar with IEEE and a job portal that has IEEE in its title means it is clearly focused on engineers and IT professionals.          The site offers a decent set of services for employers looking for suitable candidates in IT and is definitely a great place to look for qualified IT professionals.

The name says it all. This website is dedicated to people working in the field of computers and IT in general. The traffic is quite good and with such a dedicated portal, you can expect to receive resumes that are relevant to your requirements and avoid the hassle of filtering.

This is a part of the famous portal JobServe and is dedicated to finding and posting jobs related to IT. It may cost a pretty penny to use but the response is quite good and the quality of resumes is also generally of a good standard.


While this may not be a dedicated IT job site, it still seems necessary to give it a mention here. Having an enormous following just like Indeed, this is a great portal to find good resumes for your IT job.

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